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Tiles Sydney is a company that specialises in the supply of kitchen tiles across the Caringbah region. We offer everything you need for your walls and floors for your kitchen, entryway, and deck. Porcelain and ceramic tiles, mosaics and speciality kitchen tiles are all available in our collection. Our exclusive range of tiles is imported from Europe, Asia, and the Pacific regions.

For more than 10 years, Tiles Sydney has been importing and delivering kitchen tiles to customers across the country. We can carry a variety of classic and modern tiles because of our extensive knowledge and expertise. We strive to provide the highest quality tiles at the most competitive prices.

The members of our team can also provide you with DIY guidance for the project that you are working on, in addition to supplying a complete line of supplies and accessories. We have everything covered, from advising to tiling. We can supply you with suggestions on the newest fashion trends as well as design help for your project if you so choose. The Tiles Sydney and its team are available to assist with anything from colour selection to tile appropriateness to compliance with the house interiors.

Simple steps to guide you through the tile selection process

Do Your Research

Browse through the kitchen tiles collections on our website. Take images or screenshots on your phone and send them to us to demonstrate your point. While it’s important to remember that not everything you see on the internet is accessible at that very moment, your photos serve as an excellent starting point for us to show you how to get a comparable appearance in your house.

Plan Your Space

Larger kitchen tiles with fewer grout lines, according to the rule of thumb, make a place seem less congested and more expansive. Whatever you choose to do with your home, remember that it is your castle. If you favour little tiles, use them!

Check the Features

Choose a tile with a surface that you are comfortable working with. Grip tiles, on the other hand, are intended for usage outside, where they can be brushed and hosed off as needed. It is quite difficult to keep them clean inside since soap scum and grime develop encrusted in the surface of the grips. For your wet and busy kitchen areas, we propose a matte tile finish, depending on your preference. It’s important to remember that a stainless steel or plastic base is often more slippery than a tiled floor.

Check both Floor & Wall Tiles Collections

In most cases, kitchen wall tiles are softer, lighter in weight, and the glaze is not intended to stand up to the abrasive effects of foot activity. Floor tiles are classified according to their hardness, making them acceptable for walking on without displaying signs of wear. The general rule is that wall tiles may only be installed on walls, but floor tiles can be used on both floors and walls.

Bring Your Plan & We’ll Make Sure You Achieve it!

Present us your idea

Bring any sample colours you may have with you while you are constructing or conducting a significant renovation, such as benchtop or paint colours, carpet, or laminate flooring if you are undertaking a major construction project or major restoration. Because kitchen floor tiles are likely to come into contact with other floor surfaces at some time in your house, you may want them to be complementary to one another.

Don’t Forget Samples

We suggest that you take some kitchen tile samples home with you to assist you in making your decision. The colour of the tiles may vary depending on the lighting. They will also seem radically different at various times of the day and night. Tiles take on the colours of the environment around them. To determine which ones, you prefer and if they complement the rest of your decor, you should take samples home and display them for a few days before making a final decision.

Plan your Size

Tiles are not likely to be available in a size that is the same as the area you wish to fill with them. But at Tiles Sydney we have a skilled tiler equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to cut tiles to size. It is not possible to purchase tiles in every shade of every colour, unlike paint. You could find it beneficial to look at tiles before planning on other colours for your house, such as paint. In comparison to painting, paint is more versatile, and its colour may be customised to match your tiles.

Call Tiles Sydney Today!

We offer an enormous collection of kitchen tiles across the Caringbah region, and we have found that it is necessary for you to visit us many times before making your final tile choices. We place a bespoke order for tiles just for your project.

Make sure you contact us on 02 9525 0039.

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