Tiles Sydney has been established as a premier supplier of limestones and other natural stone products, such as stone cladding, to customers all across the nation. Our Sydney-based showroom has also grown substantially in recent years as the demand for limestones and natural stones for its usage has increased.

Our Limestone may be used in a variety of construction projects, including retaining walls, residential residences, commercial structures, public open spaces, and residential and commercial landscaping. And also, limestone is available in many sizes and shapes with us.

We Provide Products of Superior Quality at Reasonable Prices

Tiles Sydney is family-owned and runs a business with over 10 years of expertise in the industry. We ship our products all around Australia and have established a reputation for supplying high-quality natural stone items. Since then, we have shown that natural stone is not only visually beautiful but is also exceptionally durable.

In the construction industry, limestone is appropriate for a broad variety of applications that include anything from wall retaining to commercial landscaping. We have now established ourselves as one of the major providers in Sydney that offers a broad assortment of natural stone products.

Because we sell directly to customers, we have a distinct competitive edge over our competitors. This translates into huge savings on any construction project, regardless of whether you are investing in home improvements or working as a construction contractor.

What distinguishes us from our competition is as follows:

Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to develop innovative solutions without compromising on the level of service we give to consumers. Additionally, significant growth of the spectrum of our goods, facilities, and equipment, as well as our distribution networks, improves the position. Every product that we sell is subjected to stringent quality control by our highly experienced work teams.

Our attention to detail is unrivalled in the industry. As a result of our vast expertise in natural stones and blocks, we can provide you with remarkable products that are free of compromise in terms of quality. You can rely on our staff to offer you comprehensive information about our products so that you can make an educated choice.

It is our objective to maintain our position as the best supplier of natural stones in the market, while also establishing new standards for the industry by setting better standards in the sales and marketing of our products. We take great satisfaction in addressing the specific needs of each customer, and our staff is available to assist you with your next project at any point along the route.

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Because limestone comes with a soft appearance and a very smooth surface, it’s popular for placing in most homes and businesses. This durable stone can be set down for such applications as wall cladding, flooring, staircases and kitchen countertops. In addition, limestone tiles only need to be sealed every 20 years, making it more reliable than other stone types.

Depending on which type fits your need, our limestone tiles and pavers are available in either a shiny (polished) or matte (honed) finish.

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Please contact us immediately for more information about our limestone supplies or to enquire about our current promotions. If you prefer, you may also make an appointment with one of our staff members to come in and see us in person at our showroom.

We recognise that selecting high-quality materials may be difficult, which is why we strive to provide you with as much information as possible about our goods so that you can make an informed choice. We may also arrange

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Fossil White
Fossil White Limestone
Finish: Honed
Sizes Available: 610×610
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