Marble Tiles Sutherland Shire

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Bianco Carrara
Bianco Carrara Marble
Finishes: Polished
Sizes Available: 305×305, 305×610, 610×610
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Carrara Pavers
Carrara Pavers Marble
Finish: Tumbled Edge, Honed
Sizes Available: 406 x 406, 406 x 610 – 30mm Thick
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Creama Blue
Finishes: Polished, Honed, Antique and Brushed
Sizes Available: 305×305, 305×620, 406×610, 610×610
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Creama Pacific
Crema Pacific Marble
Finishes: Polished, Honed And Antique
Sizes Available: 305×305, 305×610, 406×610, 610×610
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Fossil Mermer
Fossil Mermer Marble
Finishes: Honed
Sizes Available: 305×610, 457×457, 457×914
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Royal Beige
Rare PremiumTurkish Marble from high in the mountains
Finishes: Polished
Sizes Available: 300×600, 400×800, 600×600
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Silver Ice
Rare PremiumTurkish Marble from high in the mountains
Finishes: Polished
Sizes Available: 600×600, 800×400, 300×300

The Best Place Nearby Sutherland Shire to Purchase Marble Tiles

Since ancient times, marble has been the material of choice for building projects. Although people still appreciate the elegant and clean appearance of marble, the expensive cost of marble prevents some prospective house buyers from incorporating it into their interior design schemes. And Tiles Sydney’s marble tiles are a simple solution to this issue since they approximate the appearance of actual marble while also being cost-effective.

The technology has advanced to the point that most worldwide marble designs can now be purchased and installed, and they look as good as, if not better than, the original marble tile.

Tiles Sydney’s marble tiles are available in many assorted colours and styles at the most competitive prices. Marble tiles are employed for both the flooring and the wall cladding in this building. It has a highly attractive look, as well as being strong and durable. According to the kind of marble stone’s origin, we have many several types of marbles to choose from.

Marble is one of the most exquisite and classic styles of floor and wall decorating stone available. It is often used to infuse an environment with refined beauty and tranquillity. The faint veining creates a distinct sense in a variety of colour options ranging from creams to beige to white flooring. In an instant, the appearance and feel of your flooring project will be elevated by the use of this marble tile. Providing the broadest selection of marble tiles, Tiles Sydney is dedicated to enhancing the value and charm of your establishment.


What Are the Benefits of Installing Tiles Sydney’s Marble Tiles?

Investing in sturdy but fashionable materials that can survive their fair share of wear and tear while preserving the timeless look of marble tiles for years to come will help you achieve the ultimate feeling of luxury in your home’s decor. The marble tiles are composed of ceramic and porcelain, which means they’re designed to endure. They also have outstanding characteristics that make them suitable for a variety of interior settings.

Environmentally Friendly

The marble tile’s appearance contains no radioactive contamination, unlike real stone, and is green and ecologically friendly, with no colour differences between the two colours used. It not only retains the texture of the genuine stone but also can erase the flaws seen in natural stone. The pavement has a significant deal of unpredictability and produces a pleasing impression.

Greater Brightness

The marble tiles have the natural texture of genuine stone without the use of radiation, while still being lightweight and easy to clean. When compared to natural stone, it has a greater brightness, low water permeability, no radiation, is lightweight, is simple to handle and operate, is more economical than natural marble, and requires less care than natural marble. It is particularly well suited for use in indoor public spaces.

Good Resistance and Glossiness

The marble tiles are split into two categories, namely, the stone look polished tiles, and the stone looks vitrified tiles. The stone looks polished tiles have a higher wear resistance and glossiness than the stone look vitrified tiles. The polished tiles have a better surface shine, more hardness, and greater firmness than the unpolished tiles. The majority of them are used inside, but stone-like vitrified tiles are not polished, have smooth and brilliant surfaces, and have superior oil resistance, and porcelain tiles are polished.

Luxury Feel

Luxury and elegance are represented by marble floor tiles and marble wall tiles, which enhance the aesthetics of any room in the house. Tiles Sydney’s tiles that look like marble offer some benefits over marble, including being more cost-effective, more practical, and less delicate. They are commonly used by interior designers and decorators for a variety of projects, including private houses, hotels, and fine dining establishments across the region. Classic and stylish materials that are utilised to manufacture our marble tiles have a variety of properties, including simplicity of care and excellent resilience to the passage of time and usage. 

Endless Options

Our glossy marble tiles and polished marble tiles may be used to create a variety of marbled effects. Marble tiles in black, white, grey, or beige are used to give a sense of harmony. Mosaic marble tile and herringbone marble tile are available to suit any interior design scheme. Tiles Sydney’s range of marble tiles for floor, wall, and decor will inspire you with ideas and aspirations for your home, from floor to ceiling.

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Tiles Sydney is a renowned company that provides an unlimited choice of marble tiles. We pledge to give the most competitive pricing on marble tiles. We are a tile store with more delivery across Sutherland Shire and the entire nation. Because of our delivery timings and logistical network, you will be able to get your flooring quickly and easily.

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